It’s Boyd’s turn to be heard

For nearly eighty years, Boyd Lee Dunlop has been a live musician. Then, at age eighty-five, he stepped into a recording studio in Buffalo, NY with Sabu Adeyola on bass and Virgil Day on drums and, finally, recorded an album of his own.

Now, at age eighty-six, he’s recorded his second.

When you hear Dunlop play, you know there’s a lot to his story, and a lot of it is missing. And that great mystery comes out in the music presented here, and forces us to wonder about all those notes that Dunlop played, live, unrecorded, over eight decades.

A smidgen of Art Tatum here, and a dash of Bud Powell there, hints of Jaki Byard sprinkled on top, sometimes in the space of one song. But where Tatum and Powell often spearheaded their songs with lightning fills and the elaborate technical prowess youth will cling to, Dunlop lays back in a pocket of blues, deftly knowing when to slow the pace, shifting from standards to improvised embellishment.

Dunlop’s passion and inventiveness are finally captured, and these notes will continue to ring out, over and over, as many times as we play his records.

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